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Increase your look and style with our splendid Emerald Trendy Green Necklace. The green tassel pendant of this necklace hangs from a Cuban link gold chain giving a fascinating look that is cool and attractive. This Emerald Green and Gold Necklace is an amazing and adaptable piece of jewelry that will give a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Ja Jaara is proudly offering a beautiful collection of Emerald Green Necklaces in the USA. Let’s order your favorite jewelry from us to decorate the wardrobe with a range of unique statement earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.


Material: Durable Cuban Link Gold Plated Necklace Chain, Green Tassel Pendant

Chain Length: 14 Inches

Closure: Secure Toggle Clasp of Necklace Keep the Chain at Right Place

Style: Trendy and Elegant

Incredible Design

The emerald green tassel pendant in drop design with Cuban link chain in gold shine is attractive and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. The 14 inch gold plated Cuban link chain of Necklace for women is perfect for wearing as a standout piece.

Adaptable & Easy to Wear

This Green Emerald Necklace is an adaptable addition to jewelry collection and best for both formal and informal dress. The Cuban gold chain of the green necklace is lightweight and pleasant for everyday wear or special occasions.

High-Quality Manufacturing

The high-quality material is used to design this necklace for a longtime usage.

Perfect Gift

If you are looking for a lovely gift for your wife, fiancé, or best friend, then this simple emerald necklace is the ideal present for your loved one. This gold chain necklace with a toggle clasp advances your jewelry collection and provides convenience.

Care Instructions

  • To keep the necklace in good condition, avoid direct cleaning with water, perfumes, and chemicals.
  • When not in use, place it at a dry and cool place.
  • To keep it shiny, clean it with a soft cloth.


What is a Cuban Link Chain Necklace?

A Cuban link chain necklace has thick and spaced interlocking links that give it a magnificent and modern look.

How Much Does an Emerald Necklace Cost?

The price of an emerald necklace is just $65.00 with the best quality and price at Ja Jaara Online Store.

Where Can I Buy a Cuban Link Chain Necklace?

If you are searching for “Beautiful Necklace Near Me” then you have landed at the right place. Because Ja Jaara is offering Emerald Trendy Green Necklace at the best sale price in the US.

How to Clean a Cuban Link Chain Necklace?

To clean a Cuban link chain Necklace, carefully scrub it with a mixture of warm water and mild soap with a soft brush. To prevent stains, wash well and dry with a soft cloth.

How to Wear a Cuban Link Chain Necklace?

Simply curve it around your neck and attach the clasp to wear a Cuban link chain necklace. Adjust the length as needed to get a comfortable fit.

How Long is a 14 Inch Emerald Necklace?

A 14 inch necklace is relatively short almost near the base of the neck. It is commonly used as a neckband or as an elegant accent piece.

What is the Most Durable Necklace Chain?

The most durable necklace chain is made from solid metals like stainless steel.

What Color Necklace to Wear with Emerald Green Dress?

A gold chain green necklace will look great with an emerald green dress to boost your look and style.

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