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Buy Fantasia Earrings | USA's Jewel in the Crown of Creativity - JaJaara

Tortoise Earrings
leopard earrings

Fantasia Tortoise Earrings

Statement Earrings
leaf earrings

Fantasia Leopard Leaf-Shape Statement Earrings

Beauty Earrings
Faux Fur Earrings

Fantasia Fur Beauty Earrings

Eye Candy Earrings
stud earrings

Fantasia Eye Candy Earrings

Noir Earrings
Acrylic earrings

Fantasia Teal Noire Earrings

Multicolor Earrings
long post earrings

Fantasia Under-Tone

Triangle Drop Earrings
Triangle earrings

Metal Triangle Drops

Vertical Earrings
multi colored earrings

Fantasia Vertical Earrings

Polka Dot Round Earrings
Round Earrings

Fantasia Polka Dot Round Earrings

Resin Drop Earrings
drop Earrings

Fantasia Resin Drop Earrings

Leopard Earrings
statement earrings

Fantasia Fierce Leopard Earrings

Ish Earrings
White Leaf Ish Earrings

Fantasia Ish Earrings

JaJaara Earrings
leaf earrings

Fantasia JaJaara Earrings

Swirl Purple Earrings
spiral Earrings

Fantasia Swirl Purple Earrings

Edgy Pink Earrings
Pink Earrings

Fantasia Edgy Pink Earrings

Orange Earrings
orange earrings

Fantasia Lively Orange Earrings

Floral Earrings
Pink earrings

Fantasia Pink Floral Earrings

Acetic Drop Earrings
triangle Earrings

Fantasia Acetic Drop Earrings

22% Off
Beatrice Earrings
hanging earrings

Fantasia Beatrice Earrings

Black and Gold Patterned Earrings
upside down u earrings

Fantasia Black and Gold Patterned Earrings

Lavender Drop Earrings
lavender earrings

Fantasia Lavender Drop Earrings


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