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Ja Jaara is offering Cool Polka Dots Aqua Midi Earrings for women in the USA. We are here to introduce the best collections of our graceful, stylish, and cute black stud earrings. These attractive earrings will enhance your overall look and style on any occasion or whenever you are planning for vacations. The dazzling black and white polka dot earrings shade makes it feel confident for casual and formal situations.

Impressive Round Shape Design

The big size and colorful touch on earrings with attractive round shape design make them special in the jewelry collection. You will look lovely and pretty without being showy. So, add a beautiful touch to your look by wearing this cool aqua geometric shape earring that can be suitable for all dresses.

Excellent Quality Material

We use high-quality acetate (resin) material to manufacture these womens earrings to ensure their stability. Our jewelers are crafting beautiful designs in the geometric shape of earrings according to the latest fashion trends to improve your look and style.

Easygoing Characteristics

These are amazing and adaptable round shaped earrings that are specially designed for girls to wear easily at any event like a party, wedding, business meeting, or casual get-together.

Comfortable to Wear

The lightweight characteristics of these multi color earrings allow you to feel comfortable and wear them all day. The tight clip on these big size and geometric shape earrings keeps them in place.

Choose as a Perfect Gift

Are you looking for “Women Earrings Near Me” as a best gift or beautiful present for your loved one? Your search has ended because these cool aqua blue earrings impressed anyone who loves excellent jewelry.


Color: Multi Colored Mixed With Aqua

Material: Acetate (Resin)

Diameter: 2’’


How to Make  Polka Dot Earrings by Our Designers?

Our Polka Dots Midi Earrings are designed carefully from high-quality, lightweight, and durable materials such as acrylic, resin, and enamel.

Where to Buy Earrings in the USA?

Buy quality earrings in beautiful designs from Ja Jaara online store in the USA.

How to Take off Polka Dots Aqua Midi Earrings?

Simply hold the earrings carefully from the front side and push back the screw or hoop slowly to take them off.

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