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We are proudly introducing our Handmade Long Post Greenish Rubberized Earrings. It is a great Amber Brown earrings collection that is a combination of craftsmanship and modern style. These geometric shape earrings are precisely designed by our talented designers who add beautiful charms that are attractive and environmentally friendly.


  • Material: The earrings are manufactured from high-quality lightweight rubberized material.
  • Design: The attractive and stylish round and geometric earrings design is best for any outfit to increase your overall look and style.
  • Size: You can wear these long post earrings comfortably for longer periods with a diameter of 2 inches (5cm). 
  • Closure: The strong and hypoallergenic metal hook or tight clip at large geometric shape earrings reliably places them in your earlobe.

High Quality Handmade Manufacturing

Each pair of these rubberized earrings is precisely handcrafted by our expert designers. It is high quality original geometric earring with post that brightens your overall look and design according to the latest fashion trend.

Best for any Occasion

These big geometric earrings have a beautiful shape that is suitable for both casual and formal events. You can wear these rubberized earrings which are ideal for special occasions or give a graceful twist to your everyday appearance.

Lightweight & Comfortable to Wear

The lightweight characteristics make these earrings with longer posts comfortable to wear all day. Now you can show your style effortlessly.


What are Post Earrings?

Post earrings design includes a straight post that is usually made of metal. It passes through the earlobe and is secured in a place with a support or grip.

How to Store Post Earrings?

Use a dedicated jewelry box with separate sections or an earring organizer to successfully store the post earrings.

How Long is an Earring Post?

The length of an earring post may vary. Usually, it is from 9 to 12 millimeters (about 0.47 in) long to ensure a pleasant and secure fit into the earlobe.

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